Set MASTS OPTIMAX Mk3/ Boom Mk4/ Sprit Mk3FLEX

Product no.: OPTMK343F
668.00 / unit(s)
Price including VAT

Mast Mk3 + Boom Mk4 + Sprit Mk3FLEX.

Supplied with rigging pack (OX25):
1 x Harken ball bearing hook-in block
1 x Windesign 25 mm low friction ring
1 x Windesign wind indicator PRO
1 x Deck collar with mast sleeve
1 x Nylon sprit adjuster handle
2 x Nylon top pins
1 x Dyneema primary halyard line
1 x Technora / Dyneema secondary halyard line
5 x 2.2 mm tack lines
12 x 1.2 mm double lacing lines

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